Friday, September 30, 2011


I I've had a crappy summer. I've spent most of it stuck in bed because of leg sores. And I just found out yesterday that 2 of the sores on my left leg are ulcers and not the blisters I get from my leg swelling up. My doctor told me that these things can actually eat their way down to the bone if not taken care off. So needless to say I'm scared.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Catching up Time

{ --- Some things I made

Well once again it's been forever since I've blogged. With all the swaps I join and host plus my group I keep forgetting about my blog. : ) It's a beautiful St Patricks Day today. The sun is out. It's warm and no snow anywhere. And the SUN IS OUT!!!! I am so sick of winter. It seems like we have had nothing but snow and cold out there for the last year rather then only since last October. I need warmth and sun. Lots and lots of sun. : )

It maybe ST. Patricks Day but I'm have no plans other then working on a new doll. I'm having troubles with it already. The pattern the group leader picked for the swap really just is not speaking to me. I don't know what to do there. I need to get it done and mailed off in the next few days and I have the body done I just don't much like the dress we have to make for it. Oh well I'll get it together some how.

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Swaps going on in my group

Windchimes Swap 2011 -- Sign ups are open till Jan 30 - - Due March 15
The idea for this swap is to use the chimes from off a dollar store wind chime ( they do sell the parts at craft stores also ) and make your own top and dangles for a new wind chime. This is going to be a one on one swap. So you will make only one unless you sign up more then once. . You can use whatever you like to make this as long as the finished product is a working wind chime. So this makes for a great swap for those of us who like mixed media type things. Stretch your creativity to it's limits and go wild. Just have fun !!! Sign ups are open till Jan 30 with the finished product Due March 15

What Do I Do With This? Swap - 2011 - Sign ups open till Jan 30 and Due March 30, 2011
The idea to this swap is to have everyone send 10 items of their choosing to a partner and that person HAS TO USE ALL 10 ITEMS to make some thing for you. You can really go NUTS with this one. Use any kind of found objects, fabrics, clay, paper, beads, odd things, things you don't even know what are. ( nothing funky now lol ) Send and use whatever you want to use. That includes both partners. Meaning your swap partner has to add things to your 10 things to make your item with. It's all your choice as to what you send and their choice as to what they add and make of it. Due March 30, 2011

Jewelry Swap 1 ( 2011 ) - Bracelet - Sign up open till Jan 30 - Due Feb 28
For this swap you will be making a bracelet to send to your partner. You can use beads, fabric, charms

Valentine Dotee doll sign up bu Jan 15 - Due by Feb 14
Make a dotee doll that uses hearts and is full of love

January - France Tour The World Postcard Swap - Sign up till Jan 15 - due Feb 15
January swap - France..... Each month I will post up a new country for a theme. If you sign up for that months you will be making a postcard that represents that place in the world. This can be a mixed media PC but must have fabric background, can be covered with other 'medium' ... ribbons, lace, sequins, tyvek, tissue paper, wrapping paper snippets, etc. you get the idea, right? Be creative with it..

Talia -- She's finally finished!!!

I finally got her done. I've had her since July 2010. She's way over due to be sent to my swap partner Trudi Skate. I hate that she took me so long but she kind of intimidated me. I was afraid to work on her in case I messed her up. I'm still new at doll making. This has to be the hardest doll I've done. I'm so happy with the way she looks. I wish I could keep her lol. Trudi has so so much more experience with faces and doll making that I'm terrified that she wont be as happy with her as I am. But she goes home this weekend. I'm excited to see what Trudi has done for me. I know she has probably been done for ages and has only been humoring me with saying she wasn't done either. I feel bad I've taken so long but I hope the extra stuff I send with Talia will make up for that. God I hope she likes her. I think she is my best doll I've made yet. I've only been making them for about 4 years now. But most of what I make are just beaded dolls not real dolls like this.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New stuff

Voodoo doll I stated for my RR swap. Now I have to send it on to the next person to finish him off. This is my first and hopefully last voodoo doll. I have to confess they scare me. As do clowns.
This is a tree goddess I made for the goddess doll group. I used real tree branch. I like her so far but I feel she might be missing something but I can't think what to add to her.

This is my doll. She began like this and so fat I've added a birds nest to her and some orange fall like leaves to the large branch. I plan on adding a much smaller branch to the other leg and put small green leaves on it and the medium sized branch I plan on adding yellow and green leaves to it. The face I'm still working on what I plan to do but so far she looks really cool with what I've added onto her. I'll post more pictures as I go.

These are for a clay swap I joined. My first trinket boxes I've ever made. I think they came out really well. I was worried at first. I'm new at working with clay. But I'm happy with them.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

More things I've made

These are some pictures of quilties I've made, a creepers postcard I made, a fairy jar I made and other stuff. I loved the fairy jar. It was the first one I made.

Halloween clay swap

These are my clay peices for my group clay swap. I just mailed them off today I hope they arrive safely to their new homes.

I made a mutant mouse, ghosts, a snake and vampire lips. I like the vamp lips best.